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In the event of an emergency situation the main things you need is food and water, shelter, communications & security. These items need not be expensive. A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a backpack which contains most of the things that you will need to survive during an emergency situation for anywhere from a week end to a month or more.

In order to cut down on weight you need to carefully plan what you need to carry in your BOB. Water weighs 7 lbs. per gallon but a Purification System weighs less than 1 lb. and will provide clean drinkable water. Batteries can become a hassle but they are needed to power things. But a solar charger weighing less than 2 lbs. on the back surface of your BOB will provide the free renewable solar power energy to recharge your Smart Phones, Tablets, GPS Devices and Radio equipment.

There are many other survival stores and online businesses out there. But that is where we excel. We are licensed Amateur Radio Operators, retired military ( USMC, USAF & US Army ) individuals and FAA Licensed Drone Operators and we are active in the Prepper lifestyle. We are constantly looking for new products to put in our own BOB's to make things safer, more secure and less stress in the event of a incident.

Looking for Survival Manuals, Military Field Manuals and other related documentation ? We have over 3000 survival manuals and even better they are free in PDF format for you our customers to receive in the email boxes instantly upon request. We not only fly our own drones we also build them and repair them. We also build and design our own communication equipment and related equipment such as emergency portable antennas, solar power chargers & communication systems.

And last but by no means least we are a distributor for Wise Foods one of the largest supplier for emergency foods and emergency equipment in the United States. And we sell Wise Foods products at the lowest price that Wise Foods allows it's distributors to sell their products for.

And when you use Survival Made Simple you have access to us for consultation for free. If you have a problem we will work on it for free to solve your survival problems.

Has as you're local public safety gone silent on your scanner?


Many public safety agencies in Ohio and elsewhere have upgraded their radio system to an APCO-25 digital trunking system using Phase I technology. The most advanced digital scanner is now required to monitor this area.

We can help you select the right scanner -- and we offer programming to insure that the radio is ready to use right out of the box. Whether it's for your home, your business or for a friend. Contact us today.

If you already have a digital scanner and would like us to program it for the new system. (If you're not sure if your scanner is digital please email or call us at 765-209-4589 with the model number or a photo.)

* Not all the talkgroups have been determined as the system is so new. Some tactical talkgroups may now be encrypted, it is very early in the conversion process. But the primary talkgroups for dispatch are known as well as some others and will be programmed. If you wish to do find and program additional talkgroups in the future you can use the scanner's search mode.

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